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Public Works Superintendent

Terry Memenga


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Frank Triveline

Public Works Facility

Under the guidance of Superintendent Terry Memenga and Assistant Superintendent Frank Triveline, the sixteen members of the Bourbonnais Public Works Department are responsible for maintenance of all Village streets, parks, municipal buildings and grounds.

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the more than 83 miles of roadways within the Village. This includes, but is not limited to: repairing potholes, resurfacing of streets and repairing curbs.

In addition to street maintenance, the Bourbonnais Public Works Department is also responsible for the removal of snow from the streets throughout the Village. During the winter months, members of the department are available on a 24-hour basis to ensure the timely removal of snow and/or placement of salt, as conditions warrant.

To ensure maximum benefit to all residents, main streets and arteries, such as Route 45/52, Route 102 and Armour Road/Latham Drive, are the first priority for snow removal and salting, followed by collector streets, residential streets and cul-de-sacs. The Bourbonnais Public Works Department, along with the Bourbonnais Police Department have available Doppler radar terminals to allow for tracking of winter storms.

Residents can assist in the snow removal program by following the following guidelines:

  • According to Village ordinances, no motor vehicle may be parked or allowed to remain parked on a Village Street after a snowfall of three or more inches. Once the streets have been cleared "curb-to-curb", the residents may return their vehicles to the street for parking. Any vehicle in violation of this ordinance shall be considered a traffic hazard, and will be removed by an authorized towing company. The owner of the vehicle will be responsible for payment of the towing fee and a fine will also be imposed.
  • The Village does not service private properties. Names of snow removal contractors are contained in the local phone book directories or online.
  • All residents and property owners are reminded that it is against Village ordinances to dump snow on public streets.

All signs for Village streets, and many of the public signs throughout the Village are made and installed by members of the Public Works Department

The Bourbonnais Public Works Department also assists homeowners in the collection of post-holiday Christmas trees. Artificial trees are not accepted. Since everyone takes down their trees at different times, residents are asked to take the tree to the nearest park. Before taking the tree to the park, residents are asked to remove all lights, wires, ornaments, tinsel and other decorations.

The Bourbonnais Public Works Department provides annual brush pickup beginning in mid-April through October. The Village of Bourbonnais is divided into four areas.

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Yard Waste vs. Brush?

The Bourbonnais Public Works Department & Bourbonnais Code Enforcement would like to remind all Bourbonnais residents of the ordinance regarding depositing leaves into the roadway, (Ordinance, Sec. 29-12) which reads as follows:

Sec. 29-12. Deposits on streets.

  • (a) It shall be unlawful to deposit on any street any material which may be harmful to the pavement thereof, or any waste material, leaves, grass, or rubbish, or any glass, or articles which may cause injury to any person, animal or property.
    (Code 1973, ยง 23-12)

Allied Waste, a Republic Services Company, will pick up your leaves in the following containers only:

  • Brown paper bags which you can purchase at your local hardware stores. (When using brown paper bags, no yard waste sticker is required).
  • Yard waste containers no larger than 35 gallons. You may rent them from Allied Waste by calling them at (815) 472-3332 or use your own 35 gallon containers; however, you must place a Yard Waste Sticker on your container. Yard Waste stickers can be picked up for FREE at the Village of Bourbonnais Offices, Bourbonnais Public Works Department or by calling Allied Waste.


The Village of Bourbonnais 50/50 Sidewalk Program offers owners of residential, single-family properties with an opportunity to replace defective sidewalks for up to half of the total cost of replacement.

Following receipt of a completed application from the property owner between May 1st through July 1st either in-person at the Public Works Department 255 Mooney Dr. or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Public Works will inspect the sidewalk to determine if it qualifies for the 50/50 program.

If the sidewalk is determined to be eligible for replacement, a proposal for the repair will be issued to the property owner. The property owner may then decide whether to proceed. Sidewalk replacement will not be scheduled until payment via cash, check or credit card is received.

If the sidewalk is determined to not be defective, it will not qualify for the program.

The project will be coordinated and performed by the Village of Bourbonnais or Village-appointed representatives.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is available on a first come, first served basis until the annual funding is exhausted. Sorry, commercial properties are not able to participate in the program.

50/50 Sidewalk Program

Stormwater Management Program

Please refer to Chapter 12, Article II of the Village of Bourbonnais Code of Ordinances.

In the past, the Village has experienced damage to public and private lands and improvements from excess stormwater runoff and flooding. Development, which has increased the volume and rate of runoff and decreased natural stormwater storage, has increased flooding. Developments have also caused increased flooding by reducing the conveyance of drainage ways by direct grading activities or causing excessive quantities of soil to erode and deposit in drainage ways.


The intent of this article shall not be to preclude development but to ensure that development enhances rather than detracts from or ignores the natural topography, resources and amenities of the area. The intent of this article is to set forth the parameters within which development may take place by specifying stormwater management concepts and standards for drainage system construction; requiring erosion and sedimentation control; regulating the alteration of land and topography; regulating the removal of the vegetation; assuring the continued, efficient operation of the drainage system; and protection of the natural stream system from alteration of its natural function.

Guide to Stormwater Management





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