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Code Enforcement

Are complainants required to identify themselves?

Complainants do not have to identify themselves; although, if they would like an inspector to contact them regarding the status of the investigation, their name and daytime phone number are necessary.

What happens following a call with a complaint?

A Code Inspector will conduct an investigation. If a complaint is found to be valid, a Notice of Violation will be issued to the owner and/or resident with a specific timeframe for compliance. Subsequent follow up inspections will be conducted until compliance is obtained.

Can I store my boat, camper/trailer or recreational vehicle on my driveway?

Storing of recreational vehicles is prohibited on driveways between the front line portion of the building and the front lot line. However, it is permissible to be parked for packing/unpacking purposes with notification to the Code Enforcement office providing the dates in which the recreational vehicle(s) will be parked on the driveway.

A recreational vehicle may be parked or stored on a lot in a residential district provided that:

  • It is parked or stored in a garage or carport, where one exists on the premises large enough to accommodate the vehicle.
  • Otherwise, in the driveway to the rear of the principle building line that is parallel or most nearly parallel to the street to which the driveway extends to the rear of this line.

How tall can grass/weeds be?

Grass and/or weeds cannot exceed 8” in height.

How long can trash receptacles be left street side?

Trash containers are allowed to be at the curb for 24 hours prior to the regularly-scheduled pickup time and may remain for no more than 24 hours after pickup.

Do I need a permit to have a garage sale?

The Village does not require a permit for garage/yard sales. We do, however, have an ordinance regarding signage for garage/yard sales.


Where can I find a current list of Village ordinances?

All Village of Bourbonnais ordinances can be found by clicking the button below:

Municipal Code