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Committee Assignments

empty village board room inside the administrative buildingIn order to more efficiently serve the residents of the Village, the Board of Trustees have established a number of permanent committees.

Each Trustee serves on a number of committees. All information presented to the Village Board is first discussed at the committee level.

Chair: Trustee Serafini
Members: Trustee Greenlee, Trustee Fischer

The Administration Committee is responsible for a wide variety of topics centered upon subjects applicable to Village operations, all employees and elected officials. The Administrative Committee discusses, reviews and provides recommendations on Village ordinances and resolutions, liquor licenses, contracts and other duties associated with municipal government. The Administration Committee is responsible for the overview of operations to maximize efficiencies, including but not limited to, communications, human resource and employee benefits administration, contract management, computer network administration, community outreach and special events/programs.

Chair: Trustee Keast
Members: Trustee Fischer, Trustee Serafini

The Community and Economic Development Committee assists in the preparing, administering and implementation of community development plans, policies and ordinances that result in the highest quality standards of growth, appearance and convenience for the Village and its residents. The committee is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Village's Comprehensive Land Use Plan and all development regulations.

The committee assists in the retention, growth and attraction of businesses to create a more diversified, sustainable economy, to increase and extend the tax base of business and industry and to increase employment opportunity in the Village. The committee also oversees the management and operations of economic development programs and initiatives within the Village.

Chair: Trustee Fischer
Members: Trustee Greenlee, Trustee Littrell, Trustee Keast, Trustee King, Trustee Serafini

The Finance Committee provides financial oversight for the Village, including reviewing and recommending the payment of monthly bills, regular monitoring of the annual budget, financial reporting and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies.

The Finance Committee recommends the annualized budget in cooperation with the finance director. In addition to developing an annual budget, the committee sets long-term financial goals and policies. These goals might include, for example, the creation of a working capital or cash reserve fund and the creation of a fund for maintaining or replacing equipment. The Finance Committee will work with the staff to determine a multi-year organizational budget.

Chair: Trustee Greenlee
Members: Trustee King, Trustee Keast

The Police Committee oversees the Police Department including management, officers and support staff, as assigned. The Police Committee provides support to advance department operational policies, objectives and procedures, and regularly monitors departmental activities. The Police Committee reviews readiness, including but not limited to, officer training, equipment procurement and staffing requirements.

Chair: Trustee King
Members: Trustee Greenlee, Trustee Littrell

The Public Works Committee provides support to the department in its activities to improve and maintain the Village’s public lands and infrastructure. The committee monitors projects involving major and local street construction and maintenance, parkland, storm and sewer systems, street lighting and general stormwater management issues. The committee provides support and recommends project priority lists. The committee also assists in the formation of long range plans, staffing needs and the review and recommendation of departmental policies.

Chair: Trustee Littrell
Members: Trustee King, Trustee Serafini

The Public Utilities Committee oversees contracts and builds relationships with all entities providing essential utility services to Village residents, including electric, natural gas, telecommunications, water, garbage and recycling matters and other related matters. The Public Utilities Committee serves the public interest by protecting consumers and ensuring the provision of safe, reliable utility service and infrastructure at reasonable rates, with a commitment to environmental enhancement and a healthy Village economy.