Mosquito Fogging - What to Know

Bourbonnais, IL – As summer is quickly approaching, our Public Works team is preparing to start their seasonal mosquito ‘fogging’ to reduce the mosquito population in our area. 

The operation will begin with treatment of standing water, but our Public Works department will use a misting, or ‘fogging,’ technique starting Monday, June 3. 

Public Works Director, Terry Memenga, would like to inform our residents about the mosquito fogging process. “We use a chemical named Kontrol 4-4. This chemical is mixed with water, atomized, and sprayed into the air, in hopes of coming in contact with adult mosquitoes.” 

“Mosquitoes are active the most during evening hours around dusk, and the morning hours around sunrise. We use a truck with a special device which provides the spray. The machine is calibrated each year to ensure the droplets are correctly sized.” 

“While the machine is working, it continuously emits the vapor using water from the attached tank.” Mixing of water and the chemical is controlled by the operator. 

“Unless you are sensitive to these vapors, you are not likely to be affected by this.” However, our Public Works Director ensures that the operator will shut off the chemical dispenser if residents are too close. 

Coverage area is divided into three zones that are sprayed either once or twice per week – weather permitting. Schedules will be posted each week so residents know when to expect mosquito treatment in their area. Follow our Facebook page here for more information. 

For any questions regarding mosquito spraying, please contact our Public Works Department at 815-937-0817 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..