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Village introduces new sewer and garbage rate 

Bourbonnais, IL - Effective August 1, 2019, residents will see an increase on their Village of Bourbonnais monthly bill. The cost increase is inclusive of both the sewer and garbage monthly rate and is a result of increased sewer operating costs, as well as, increased garbage service fees. A residential, single-family home will see an increase of $6.50 per month totaling a $66.00 flat rate fee (versus the previous $59.50). The last rate increase went into effect two years prior in July 2017.

The sewer rate increase reflects an approximate 36% rise in sewer operating costs, in addition to, the Village of Bourbonnais' repayment of their 30% portion of the KRMA (Kankakee River Metropolitan Agency) plant rebuild which totaled $71 million. 

The garbage rate increase reflects a collection cost increase with contractor, Allied Waste, a Republic Services company. For six years, the village has collected from residents $300,000 less than what was paid out for garbage services. The increase is not to recoup lost monies; however, the village would like to be able to cover the increased cost moving forward.

Residents who utilize online payments via their banking institution are reminded to update their withdrawal to the new amount in order to avoid any late fees for unpaid portions of the rate increase. We apologize for the inconvenience.

"We did not want to raise our rates last year. We probably should have," Mayor Paul Schore said. "We held off a year to try to keep the cost down to the homeowners. But, we're to the point this year where we're going to have to raise the rates."