Community responds to online engagement

Bourbonnais, IL - 2020 has proven to be a year unlike any other. In an era where event calendars have been plagued with cancellations and postponement, the Village of Bourbonnais has promoted community engagement through another platform: online surveys. The recent Local Parks & Recreation Planning survey welcomed input from residents, businesses and visitors via an online survey in September 2020. 300 people participated in the three-minute survey and provided feedback as a part of efforts to create a master plan for upgrades and improvements to existing and future parks.

“We looked at what could be safely executed now while still providing the community opportunities to get involved,” Mayor Paul Schore stated. “Even without events, we’ve seen our local engagement participation skyrocket this year. Residents are really taking pride in providing constructive feedback and being a part of these ongoing improvement projects.”

The Local Parks & Recreation Planning online survey followed the village’s assessment of existing conditions in current parks. The internal park assessment began in March of 2020 and evaluated components such as park access, signage, points of entry, parking, sidewalks, surrounding land use, bathroom facilities, age of equipment, acreage, amenity availability, activity areas, safety, aesthetics and subdivisions served. The village’s Public Works Department currently maintains 22 parks on over 100 acres of parkland which serves an estimated 19,526 residents. Both the survey data and park assessment will be included in a report along with recommendations for a village-wide master park plan.

The survey data confirms 96% of participants rate parks and recreation as important in the village. The largest demographic of respondents fell between the ages of 31 to 40. If funding were available, the top priority park amenities include: a village-wide trail system, a community pool, a water playground, playground area upgrades, and river access for recreation and boating.

The village welcomes an additional online engagement opportunity to ‘Imagine Bourbonnais’ with the Community Campus Plan. In the fall of 2019, the village announced its plans to create a dynamic and attractive central core for community gatherings around the Municipal Center and surrounding areas. The third and final online survey encourages participants to rank preferred concepts and provides a chance to name the community-wide project. Since its October 5, 2020 launch, the village has received 400 online survey responses.

To complete the Community Campus Plan online survey before the deadline November 1, 2020, click here.