To promote and protect public health and safety, the Village of Bourbonnais Administration and Public Works lobbies are temporarily closed until further notice. Services are available online or by calling 815-937-3570 during business hours. Credit card processing fees will be waived for the next 60 days (effective 3.20.20).

New Sewer and Garbage Rate Considered

Increase to reflect rising costs

Bourbonnais, IL – Following the assessment of increased sewer operating costs and the continuing increase of garbage costs, the village will propose a rate increase to cover these rising expenses. The recommended increase will total $6.50 per month for a single, residential property within the Village of Bourbonnais. Currently, residential, single-family homes pay a monthly flat rate fee of $59.50, inclusive of sewer and garbage services. If approved, the rate increase will become effective beginning August 1, 2019 to allow residents and businesses adequate time to prepare for the adjustment. The last rate increase went into effect two years prior in July 2017.

Raising sewer and garbage rates to reflect rising utility costs is a responsible solution,” explained Mayor Paul Schore. “We (the village) have to pay our bills. If we didn’t adjust rates to be comparative with these growing costs, we would find ourselves in a financially unstable situation. This increase is necessary to cover those added costs.”

The proposed monthly $4.00 sewer rate increase would alter the village residential rates to $41.25 from $37.25 monthly. This is in part due to a 45% increase in contractual expenses incurred from KRMA (Kankakee River Metropolitan Agency). When measured over the period covering fiscal years 2012 through 2018, operating and processing costs increased by 36.3%. The Village of Bourbonnais currently pays $184,700 per month to KRMA for the treatment of wastewater. That cost is expected to rise to $199,100 per month.

The proposed monthly $2.50 garbage rate increase would alter the village residential rates to $24.75 from $22.25. This is a result of increased fees and contractual rates from garbage contractor, Allied Waste, a Republic Services company. From April 2012 through the end of April 2018, the Village of Bourbonnais collected $300,000 less than paid out as a result of services to Allied Waste.

Finance Director, Michael Wolf, further explained the proposed rate increase does not reflect recouping previous costs lost or new infrastructure enhancements such as the recently completed sewer interceptor expansion project.

While much of Illinois is dropping in population, the Village of Bourbonnais continues to experience growth. According to recent U.S. Census estimates, the Village of Bourbonnais is the only town within Kankakee County experiencing population growth since 2010 with an increase of 4.6% to 19,485 residents, up from 18,631.

“We are pleased with the steady growth here in the Village of Bourbonnais,” stated Mayor Schore. “We have a strong community here, and we’ll continue to strive to make Bourbonnais a place people want to visit, and enjoy living and working, with a financially responsible municipality.”