Final Village of Bourbonnais bill payments are past due! Please pay your balance here to avoid service disruption! 


Village of Bourbonnais maintenance, sanitary, sewer work truck/semi

The Village of Bourbonnais is responsible for the sanitary sewer collection system within the community. Currently, there are over 108 miles of underground sanitary sewers, 13 lift stations and 1,906 manholes in the sanitary sewer collection system.

Have a question about your sewer bill? Are you a new resident? Call the Village at 815-937-3570 to get your questions answered or to arrange your sewer bills.

Maintenance of the Bourbonnais sanitary sewer system is provided by the Village of Bourbonnais. Any problems with the sanitary sewer should be reported to 815-937-0817; if after hours and an emergency, contact 815-846-1920.

Wastewater treatment is provided through the Kankakee Regional Metropolitan Authority (KRMA). The treatment plant, which is located in Kankakee, has a total capacity of 25 million gallons per day. Current operations approximate 13 million gallons per day.

Contact the Public Works Department

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