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Police Department

Police Chief Jim Phelps

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700 Main Street NW, Bourbonnais, Illinois [map]

Emergency: Dial 911
Non-Emergency Phone: 815.937.3579

Police Records: 815-802-5330
Fax: 815.933.3318


About Us

The Village of Bourbonnais, a residential and professional office community with a population of about 18,631, is located along the banks of the Kankakee River 60 miles south of Chicago. Settled by French Canadian fur traders in the early 19th Century and named for the first settler, Francois Bourbonnais, we were incorporated in 1875.

Designed and implemented for the new Millennium, the uniform shoulder patch celebrates significant symbols of our heritage. The colors are the red, white and blue of our nation’s flag. The 21 stars of the center band signify Illinois, which in 1818 became the 21st State in the Union.

Under each symbol of Government and the Bourbonnais Police banner we are truly "Proud to Serve".

In Bourbonnais we respect and treasure our past while we plan and prepare for our future. It is our pledge to maintain for future generations the safety, security and quality of life this community has enjoyed for more than 125 years.

 Fire and Police Commission


 From left to right: Craig Bishop, Police Chief Jim Phelps, Bruce Dickstein and Tim Milner. 

Programs offered by the department are:

Any call originating in Bourbonnais is automatically routed to the Bourbonnais Dispatch Center.

Alarm Monitoring
Residential and business fire and burglar alarms are monitored at our computerized panel in the dispatch center.

Vacation Registration
When leaving, notify the department. Your information will be kept on file in the event you have to be contacted while away.

Home Security Survey
An officer will come to your home to advise on personal and building security.

Bicycle Registration
Register your bike with us. It will aid in recovery if lost or stolen.

General Information

Close at dark.

Parking is restricted to residential parking only in the area around the Bradley Bourbonnais Community High School.              

The Bourbonnais Police are committed to service in our community.  Please feel free to contact the department with any questions or concerns you may have.

Bourbonnais Dispatch Closure

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