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Storm Water Management Program

Please refer to Chapter 12, Article II of the Village of Bourbonnais Code of Ordinances.  

 In the past, the Village has experienced damage to public and private lands and improvements from excess stormwater runoff and flooding. Development, which has increased the volume and rate of runoff and decreased natural stormwater storage, has increased flooding. Developments have also caused increased flooding by reducing the conveyance of drainage ways by direct grading activities or causing excessive quantities of soil to erode and deposit in drainage ways.


The intent of this article shall not be to preclude development but to ensure that development enhances rather than detracts from or ignores the natural topography, resources and amenities of the area. The intent of this article is to set forth the parameters within which development may take place by specifying stormwater management concepts and standards for drainage system construction; requiring erosion and sedimentation control; regulating the alteration of land and topography; regulating the removal of the vegetation; assuring the continued, efficient operation of the drainage system; and protection of the natural stream system from alteration of its natural function.

Annual Facility Inspection Report

Notice of Intent

Guide to Storm Water Management