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Comprehensive Plan

The Village is working on updating the Comprehensive Plan.  By definition, a comprehensive plan is general. It should not be made to include specific, detailed elements. Rather, it should be utilized as a guide, a reference against which specific plans and proposals are checked to determine whether they meet the basic objectives, vision, and needs of the community. A comprehensive plan should be used as a basis for all public decisions which affect the physical development and maintenance of the community. For instance, the plan should be used for:

* The development of future land use and development policy.

* The identification of stable neighborhoods and areas in the community that are susceptible to change.

* The location and design of major streets and implementation of other major transportation facilities and programs.

* The more detailed planning of neighborhoods, commercial centers and other subareas of the community.

* The maintenance and protection of open spaces and water bodies.

* The identification and scheduling of public investments and improvements.

* The improvement of the quality of life through the application of urban design principles.

Here is a copy of the Comprehensive Plan as adopted on October 7, 2013

Please contact Laurie Wimberly, CE Development Director with any questions concerning the Comprehensive Plan at (815) 802-5323.

Previous Plan
2006 Bourbonnais Land Use / Comprehensive Plan Update Map:
[view online] [ download PDF]